5 Ways to Wrap Wontons - Hot Thai Kitchen

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hi everyone in this video I'm going to

show you different ways you can wrap

your wontons now this is an extension of

my wonton soup video so if you want to

make wonton soup you can go ahead and

check that out and let's get wrapping

the first way is my favorite way and

it's the one that I use my wonton video

just gather the four corners give it a

little squeeze and you're done

cute little packets my favorite way the

second method get a little water and

brush the edges to make a glue and then

just fold it into a triangle match the

top first get out as much air as you can

you don't want air pockets and then just

iron it out this one is an extension of

the triangle so you make the triangle

and then you glue the end fold it and

join the ends together to make a piney

little hat shape type thing for this one