FIVE UNIQUE WAYS TO ROLL AND FOLD WASHCLOTHS - How to make your bathroom feel like a spa

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today I'm sharing five unique ways to

roll and fold your washcloths these work

for all types of washcloths and for this

demonstration I will be using a waffle

weave I'm a big fan of these ones I

found them on Amazon and I'll link them

below if you're interested they're a

little bit larger than your traditional

washcloths but that does not make a

difference I'm going to start by sharing

how I fold the washcloth in our own home

first you're going to want to fold in

opposite corners so that you have nice

straight lines on either side next

you're going to flip it over and then

fold over one of the ends use the end

with the tag if you have one next you're

going to roll it right up and then tuck

in the corners just a little bit and

then when you get to the end take that

little piece and tuck it in under one of