How to lay sheet vinyl flooring

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in this film we're going to show you how

to lay a sheet vinyl floor with the

right approach sheet vinyl flooring is

quite easy to lay and for most rooms

you'll only need one piece of sheet

vinyl for the whole floor for this task

we're going to wear kneepads because

we'll be spending quite a bit of time on

our knees you'll need to use the utility

knife so make sure it has a sharp blade

keep the blade covered or retracted when

it's not in use when you're making your

cuts do it in such a way that you won't

injure yourself if the knife slips first

give your floor a thorough sweep or

vacuum if your existing floor has been

treated with a wood preservative it's

unlikely to be suitable for covering

with sheet vinyl check the

manufacturer's instructions make sure

the surface is free from any protruding