How to Make Vegetable Sushi at Home

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hi there Pamela sulfon from the kitchen

matters vlog and today I'd like to show

you how to make vegetable sushi it can

be done at home so I'm gonna start with

some sushi rice I'm gonna make it from

scratch you need a sticky rice for this

to work otherwise the rice will just

kind of fall apart in the roll so a

sushi rice labeled like this is great if

you insist on doing something with brown

rice you can use a short grain brown

rice combined with a sweet brown rice

and the sweet rice will have more starch

and it will make everything nice and

sticky so you can also go to your local

sushi place and just buy the rice from

them and then make what you want at home

the important thing is to rinse the rice

first so I'm using a fine mesh sieve

which has very very small holes just

enough for the water to permeate but not