How To Wrap a Cable the Right Way Over Under

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I'm just gonna toss it here if I were to

go the length of this wire this might

look like a tingle right but watch but

nothing today I want to show you how to

do the over-under technique for properly

wrapping an audio cable if you don't

properly store your audio cables over

time you're going to get wear and tear

on the wires on the inside and nobody

wants that everybody wants their gear to

last forever if you're following on your

phone or on your computer

I just want to do it from a first

person's point of view that way you can

do the same movements as my hands I'm

right-handed so I'm gonna put the XLR

cable or whatever cable you're using

have it in your non-dominant hand going

out from you when showcasing this

technique it'll be a little different

whether you start doing an over or an