How To Keep Your T Shirt Sleeves Rolled Up | 3 Methods

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Yo what up guys my name is Corey Lupton and on today's video I have another fashion DIY for

you guys. And basically this one is one I get asked a lot, and it is how to keeps your sleeves

rolled up. So yeah. In this video I'm going to show you how to keep your sleeves rolled up.

Okay so I'm going to show you guys about three techniques that I use. And each technique has

its strengths and it has its weaknesses. I mean some techniques are better when you're trying to

look more formal and some techniques are better when it's all rugged sort of folds. So I'm going

to show you guys all three different ways and you can use whatever works best for you.

So the first technique that you could use, and a very simple one that a lot of people use, is to use

hair straighteners. And you're like why a hair straighter? You can use an iron, but I couldn't

be bothered getting out my iron, and I have my hair straighteners out so I thought I would just use

my hair straighteners.

So as far as that goes, once you've folded your sleeve, I myself I like to fold about twice because

my arms are super, super white and I can't show off too much of my bicep or else it looks

extremely weird. So yeah, it's bad.

So once you've folded it over twice and folded it down neatly, you just go around, with the shirt

off, and straighten it. And what it does is it just irons it, and a really creases the creases there. So

it makes it very difficult for the fabric to unroll. So, that's going to stay like that for a very long


Okay method number two. Method number two works with either a very straight, crisp roll, or it

works with a messy roll. It does work with either, you could play around with it. You can roll

your sleeves however you like and you can still use this method.