How To Tightly Roll Up A Sleeping Bag

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when I was a kid my mom taught me how to

roll up a sleeping bag two very exacting

standards and this is how you do it

first part is very important you want it

really tight then you notice that these

are starting to puff out on this side

this side is usually LK this side start

to puff out so you just as you go you

just take your hand and tuck it under

like that when I was a kid and I went to

camp after I rolled up my sleeping bags

all the other boys wanted me to roll up

their sleeping bags too so I usually got

a lot of practice rolling up sleeping

pants and then take your knee put it on

it you don't want it to spring open and

then you just tie it like you tie your


and then you do the other one now you

have a nicely rolled up sleeping bag

that you can keep stored until next time