How to Organize Ties

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Hi, everyone. I'm Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And in this video, I'm going to show you how

I've organized all of Ed's ties inside the bedroom.

So before we get started, if you are looking to begin getting organized, you can check

out my free organizing video series on my website, Alejandra.TV. The link is below.

OK. So when it comes to men's ties, one of Ed's frustrations was not being able to find

the tie he was looking for and be able to access it easily. So what I've done to solve

this problem is I've organized all the ties in the top drawer of our dresser. And so,

everything is very easy to grab and you see everything in one shot.

So let me show you what it looks like. So this is his tie drawer. And as you can see,

it's really organized. It's one layer deep so there's no like tie on top of tie. Everything

is like you just grab it and go. Like you open the drawer, you see everything. It's

color-coded and it's just very easy to grab and it's easy to put away. You might look

at this drawer and be like, "Oh, everything is perfectly rolled. I don't have time for

that." But it's actually really to roll ties. I'm going to show you in a second.

But what I did here was I used these expandable drawer dividers to kind of divide and create

different sections here to kind of - like I put them close together so none of the ties

will unravel. There's just enough space in between. And so then, I just color-coded them

and then rolled them nicely.

OK. So let me show you how to roll a tie and show you how to super easy it is. OK. So,

I have the tie right here. I'm just going to unravel it just like that. So the first

thing I did was just fold it over just like that and then I'm just going to roll it and