Rolling Silverware

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hello today we show you how to roll some

silverware and you'll be rolling lots of

this throughout the semester so um this

is just a regular dinner napkin okay and

I'm doing just a liven theme sometimes

we do different colors to meet the theme

of whatever the theme the guest wants

okay so when you want you're gonna

unfold it mmm and this part that's loose

that you can see the layers you want

that upward alright alright so then

you're going to take a knife my fork and

a spoon and they kind of nicely fit to

inside of each other okay

just like so you want them to stay nice

and together you're gonna put them off

to the side you want to make sure that

there's space here so you can fold up so

it holds in the silverware all right so

I'm just gonna move this over just a

little because I want it to make sure