How to roll quarters very fast

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hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to roll quarters into rolls like this

into $10 rules just like this one really

fast you'll need the medicine while I

like this one this one happens to be the

right size exactly if you fill it to the

top it's 40 quarters which is $10 so

check the quarters there's a nickel in

there obviously make sure that only

quarter they go right there fill the

quarter all the way to the top

like so

that's exactly ten dollars in quarters

40 quarters ten dollars in quarters this

papers I got from the bank roll free of

charge they don't charge you if you have

account with the bank so you'll have to

take the paper like so so you have

somewhat like square I wanna see some of

you fit into a couple of quarters or if

you just go in just so you put your