How to Stretch Pizza Dough

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For Neapolitan style pizza never ever use the rolling pin

the reason is that after all those hours of ripening and rising the dough

the dough is filled with little gas pockets and later on when you're gonna bake the dough

these pockets will expand and create the most beautiful bread-like crust, filled with flavor

In making the most amazing Neapolitan style pizza base

there are two stages: number 1 pounding of the dough

number 2 stretching of the dough


so before we start, we have to make sure that our dough has been out of the fridge

for at least 2 until 8 hours

the dough has to be at room temperature

put a little bit of flour on our knife and put it underneath the dough

put a little bit of flour on your working bench

and now put it down, the bottom stays the bottom and the top is on top

bit of flour on the pizza...

Start pounding the pizza until you go all the way around

and you see that I'm mainly focusing on the outside of the dough

so the inside, the center you're leaving alone, you're not touching it

this will get stretched later on in the process

so when you're pressing down on the dough,

make sure you are never touching the outside rim