How To Make Easy Paper Cones

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today I'm going to show you how to make

this adorable little cone ready to hang

on somebody's door all you need is a 12

by 12 sheet of paper and cut it in half

diagonally and you can see that there is

a top to this triangle and two sides and

they're longer you're going to take the

longer side and line it up with the top

of the triangle and that's how you're

going to know where to put the adhesive

I like to use this red tape it's super

sticky works great

so then you'll take that and match it up

then you'll put adhesive on this side

and just roll it on to the cone

now all you have to do is add the ribbon

so punch a hole in both sides take your

ribbon and just tie a little knot

and there you have it a perfect little

cone ready to fill and gift hope you

enjoyed this we'll see you next time