How to roll a wall like a pro

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hi my name is Cindy booth ho owner of

expressions painting and in this video

I'm going to show you how to roll like a

pro first thing what you want to do is

fill up the roller with the paint prime

the roller is what we call it so you do

this by just rolling it in the tray a

few times maybe 30 seconds or so once

that's done you want to take the paint

to the wall but the first thing you have

to keep in mind is you don't want to

roll over the cut line and the reason is

because on the second pass we're going

to fade out the roller into the cut line

so let me demonstrate what I mean like


so the first pass the purpose was simply

to cover as much of the law as we could

but on our second pass that's where

we're going to fade out so we want to

give ourselves enough room to be able to