How to get 1GB data for N200 on 9mobile

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hi how what is wonky pizza for children

and I'm about I'm a story da these black

doesn't walk on all my my wedding cuts

it only works on some so that gets

sometimes well let's get started

actually hey first of all make sure you

have at least under your name oh my god

let's check my balance cookie my stupid

assistant I think you should show me a

message right now you can see my main

balance soup on dinner let me check my

let me check my my pita balance to shoot

out on having dinner okay just send me

another message okay I have my special

balance is there root M be unlikely for

tonight especially him now to activate

this 201 Gita just down start nine to

nine star ones little hash on your name

embarrassing that you get your request

is being processed this will show a

confirmation SMS thank you you wait for