Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Muscle Pain - Ask Doctor Jo

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Hey everybody, it's Doctor Jo. Today I'm gonna show you some stretches with a foam roller.

You can use any foam roller you have, but the folks at Master of Muscle sent me the

Muscle Mauler Max to use. This is a really neat foam roller. The nice part of it is it

has these ridges here, that you can see, that actually focuses in on trigger and pressure

points to get that specific area of tenderness. With a regular foam roller, and this one too,

you can stretch out the whole muscle, but this does a great job of just really focusing

in and getting those spots that are those extra ouchy spots. It also comes with a really

nice in-depth eBook with a lot of exercises and stretches you can use. So what I'm gonna

do today is just show you some of my favorites. So let's get started. Oh hey! So the first

stretch here you can see, I'm actually laying on the foam roller. It's right on my spine.

This is actually to stretch out your pec muscles, but what's great about the Muscle Mauler Max

is it has those little divots in there to give you those extra pressure points. So you

can put your arms out wide, or you can kind of bring them in to a "W" and go out if you

want a little bit less of a stretch. But if you want a big stretch on those pecs, put

your arms out nice and wide. So the next stretch is gonna be for your glutes and piriformis

muscle. This time you're actually gonna sit on the roll. If you have one side that needs

more than the other, you can actually lean a little bit, but I like working both of them.

So you can actually just find that specific trigger point, about right there, that's where

the piriformis is, and hold it, or you can do a constant roll to get the whole muscle

back there. Again, those indentions on the roller really hit those spots that are extra

tender and it gives you a good pressure release as you're rolling along. Then you can move