How to move a mattress | How to return mattress | How to compress a mattress using a vacuum bag

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hello everyone I was moving out of town

and I didn't want to leave my expensive

mattress behind and I was looking for

options to move mattress on my own

so the only option that I could come up

with was to put the mattress on the top

of the car in mobile but I really didn't

want to do that it is too risky

it could cause terrible accident on the

road just in case the mattress falls

down so I didn't know research and on

this amazing product it's all back its

vacuum bag it's a vacuum bag and your

back and your mattress will fit in the

back completely so you can use any

vacuum cleaner that you have at your

home to suck the air out of the mattress

and mattress will shrink it's one tenth

of its size it's so amazing

once the mattress wrung to one around

one inch you can roll the mattress and