Wrapping Lumpia | How to Wrap Lumpia - Tips & Tricks!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our Channel! I am going to be showing you how to roll Lumpia.

First we want to make sure that we get the wrappers ready. I like to use these wrappers.

I don't know how long these people have been around

But my mom's been using them for a long time.

Usually these wrappers come in the frozen food section of the different Asian market stores. For these ones

I just put it in the fridge overnight

But it doesn't take that long for them to defrost so maybe a couple hours before

you start lumpia wrapping just take it out and defrost it, just so you're ready. I usually like to just take out

Some of it and then I put the rest back

Just because if you're working with all of these wrappers

then sometimes if you

Peeled all of them and they're just kind of sitting there

They tend to get dry. And then they're kind of hard to work with. So

Stick these back in the fridge and then you'll just get more as you need more.

So we'll just peel this one because I'm going to show you how to do that differently.

And then I'm gonna go ahead and cut this one. I like to

Cut them into a triangle. We're doing this kind of video just because we realized that with our lumpia

recipe video we kind of highlight wrapping it in 15 seconds. It's informative, but it goes kind of fast.

So we just wanted to spend more time with how to wrap Lumpia.

Kind of have to be like strong but gentle

because you can easily just rip them and that gets really annoying and then we'll show you how to