How to fold leggings EASY in 1 minute! Save time and space.

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Savannah Phillips welcome if you haven't

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gonna be talking about rolling your

leggings I don't know about you but I

know I have a ton of leggings and

there's just so many they're hard to

keep track of so today we're gonna talk

about rolling your leggings into a cute

little burrito I know personally I love

love love doing this for my kids closets

because you know kids you like fold up

their laundry stick it in their drawer

and the next thing you know it's

everywhere so when I roll their leggings

it's perfect they just got all these

little burritos in their drawer it's

easy to see the print and it's just a

lot neater so we're gonna talk about

rolling our leggings today it makes a