How To Roll An L Joint [Step By Step & Easy]

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hey everyone and welcome to today's

episode of Montreal marijuana Canadian

cannabis for today I have another how-to

episode for you how to roll an L so

let's check it out so you've got a

problem your ground up way too much weed

and all you have are these tiny little

OCB papers what the heck are you gonna

do you don't want to sit there and roll

two joints that's craziness so in this

video I'm gonna show you how to roll an

L joint so first of all what you're

gonna need of course is your weed we

have our weed right here already ground

up ready to go absolutely perfect

secondly you're gonna need some papers

that are just a bit too small you could

also just buy some bigger ones which is

again what I suggest but if not let's

take these tiny ones and make them a bit