5 Pant Hacks Every Guy Should Know

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What's up guys, it's your boy Jose Zuniga and you today I got another hack

video for you guys. So, like two-three weeks ago, I did a video on shirt hacks

every guy should know. Simple hacks you can do to make your shirts look better.

But then I got to thinking, we got to give our pants some lovin' too. So today

I'm gonna give you five hacks you can do with your pants, to make them look better.

Numero uno, knowing if they even fit right. There are two ways you can know if

those pants fit you ,without actually having to put him on. One: turn your hands

into a fist and then stickin in the waistband, if the pants fit the

circumference, chances are it'll fit your waist. The second way you can do it is

even easier, grab the pants and throw them over around your neck again, if it

fits your neck area chances are it will fit your waist. Don't

believe me? try it yourself with a pair you already own. It works. Number two is

the tailor white pants instantly. One of the ugliest things, at least in my

opinion, are these baggy pants that have a wide leg opening in the bottom. Which

is why I end up tailoring almost all my trousers, but if you don't want to waste

money or time to go to the tailor, use the pin roll. Very eas,y basically all you

have to do is take the excess fabrics, the more fabric you pinched the more

tailored or tighter the pants are gonna be, then all you have to do is roll up

twice to lock in the fabric and voila. If the pants are super long, you can add one

more roll to get that no break look. Number three do not wash your denim so

often. Unless you sweat badly or you dirty your jeans up, you should not be