How to Roll a Kayak

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you know I've use a pound paddles for

over 15 years and I couldn't be more

excited about the new posi lock Farrell

system it's quick it's simple it's

bomb-proof and with no metal parts

you'll never deal with rust simply

choose the feather you want on the

paddle click it together and you have a

solid no wiggle connection for more

information on all of aqua pounds great

paddles visit aqua bound calm the sea to

sea and sweet rolls are the two most

popular roles for new paddlers to learn

and the most common rules that you'll

see being used on the water will makes

them so popular it's a fact that they

break the roll into three defined

easy-to-understand steps as I already

mentioned there's an ongoing debate as

to which is the best rule to learn first

and is not really a right answer to that