How to Cuff a Jean Jacket

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hi this is Lindsey Lane style expert and

editor-in-chief of Lindsay in the fast

lane comm and today I'm going to teach

you how to cuff that jean jacket of

yours so here I have my assistants arm

and I'm going to demonstrate for you

guys how to do two different roles the

first one is the neat role and the

second one is a little more messy so I

went ahead and buttoned the sleeve here

so after that you're just going to roll

up and follow the seam along where you

buttoned it this makes it look very

clean neat and you can always roll it up

for a little more casual look so I'm

going to go ahead and leave the button

of the other sleeve unbuttoned so it

creates that Messier look than the other

sleeve as you start to roll up roll up

half way up to the seam and then start

pushing down the denim as you go up so