Skyrim: Assassin (HOW DO I ROLL??)

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hello my friends and welcome to my my

short tutorial of how I roll in this

tutorial I will be showing you the exact

steps I take personally to accomplish my

role and with that being said let us

begin so first things first open up your

skill menu and in your sneek tree there

is a perk

it's somewhat to the top but it's called

silent roll it requires 50 sneak and it

simply states that sprinting while

sneaking executes a silent forward roll

so now that we know that we can come

over here to the center and crouch

now that I'm crouched I'm pressing the

sprint button and it it does nothing so

you move forward and press the sprint

button and you get this awesome roll

that concludes my how do I roll tutorial

I do hope you found this information

helpful and as always thanks for