How to Roll Henna Cones and Fill Them

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hey guys so today I want to show you how

to make henna cones there's a couple

ways to do it so let's get started first

you need sella paper i prefer the white

one with the swirls so for the purpose

of this video i'll be using the pink

roll both are good to use and I will

link below where I get all my materials

secondly you will need tape scotch tape

works just fine in a holder like this

comes in handy when rolling a lot of

cones scissors can be used to cut the

fellow sheets but there is another

option if you only making a lot of henna

cones you can also use this rotary mat

and roller which make cutting many

sheets super fast easy and accurate pins

are optional but can't create a perfect

opening which is very convenient and the

ones I'm using here are 26 millimeter

pins alright guys so here I'm cutting a