How To Curl Your Hair!

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hey guys so today I'm doing my hair

tutorial on however my hair every day or

most of the time it's really easy and

this is the curling iron that I use it's

a Conner curling iron I don't know what

it's called it's just the gold conure

curling iron I wish I have any amendment

for you guys but I don't but you guys

came to any crime iron that you want and

you will still get the same result the

only thing that I do is just make sure

that all of my curls are going away from

my face and the only thing that I use is

the curling iron I don't use any

hairspray any product or I just use a

curling iron and a hair tie and I just

combed through my hair with my fingers I

don't use a brush or a comb or anything

I do brush my hair before I curl it

though other than that that's all going

to use the curling iron in the hair tie