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hi guys today I'm going to show you a

beauty basic how to use hair rollers for

some people their new of it and you

don't really know how to position it in

your hair how to set it so this is just

going to be a quick easy tutorial the

hair rollers that I'm using are the

Conair jumbo rollers and you can find

these at your drugstore and I think the

cost of it is anywhere from twenty to

thirty bucks so I hope you guys enjoy I

already applied a heat protectant to all

over my hair I'm just going to wrap the

hair around and notice how I started

kind of in the middle I don't want any

hair sticking out and then taking the

hair pin locking it in place so I'm

going to do the exact same thing with

the hair right behind it

I'm taking the regular jumbo-sized

roller and then I'm going to work with a