How to lay a new lawn from turf

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for this project we need some gravel or

grit some compost or manure some

gardening gloves fertilizer a rake a

fork some canes string and a tape

measure a cutting knife some planks of

wood a sprinkler and some rolls of turf

if you want to create a new lawn you've

got two choices you can sow grass seed

or you can later but the preparation is

the same for both if you've had an old

lawn which has got very weedy and

moth-eaten you can strip off the old

turf stack it and compost it and improve

the soil below for laying a new lawn on

if it's got a lot of weed on it treat it

with weed killer first let the weed die

and then start the digging conditioning

the soil is the important part and for

this we really want to dig over the

whole area to a depth about six inches

about 15 centimeters down have a look at