How To Make Cabbage Rolls (Gołąbki)

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welcome to Susan's cooking's I'm the

Polish chef and today I'm gonna show you

how to make go of key no buts about it

wait a grocery store getting a cabbage

and beef and a gold key we add our local

grocery store I'm going to hit some

cabbage for a goal I think two guys

would you know

can't make coffee without some onion so

here's a back over here nobody's good

enough hunt what's up good I'm going to

make some go up key is a beef pot roast

the same thing as a truck it's same

thing how about the second one right

here looks good from the bottom and can

you grind it for me please

all right great hey thanks a lot it's no

problem if they manage to see you soon

ticket you can also buy 85 percent

already pre ground beef first we're