Tying the Knot: Garlic Knots

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hi this is Mhairi um we're gonna be

doing some garlic rolls the garlic knot

rolls today and I'm using my iPad again

which means that I'm kind of looking

over to the side and it's it's much

harder to focus on where I'm supposed to

be looking so if it gets goofy just

forgive me for it and I'm gonna make

garlic rolls and one of the hardest

thing about making garlic knots is that

it can be hard to figure out how to get

all of the pieces of you know the rope

in so it actually looks like a knot and

doesn't look like something weird that

just ended up on your counter so what

we're get you're gonna need is the dough

and the recipe for it it's gonna be on

the blog bristles chill Restless

Chipotle calm and and the instructions

and everything and images are going to

be there and I'll put that web address