DnD 5e Starting Equipment or Starting Gold? DnDaily Vlog #303 D&D and RPG

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here's another fun question for us to

ponder when we're starting out and

making characters in Dungeons & Dragons

5e do we take the starting equipment

based on our class or do we take the

starting gold and buy our own this is

actually a really fun question to ask

and it harkens back to the earlier days

like you know when I used to paint back

in 2nd edition

we only got gold we didn't get these

fancy adventuring packs in the lock so

you know it's fun because this is of

course you know creating a character is

just one of those fun fundamental and

quintessentially pleasurable parts of

creating of playing the game I think if

you're playing Dungeons and Dragons at

least in my opinion there's been one of

the things I enjoy the most through the

years so for today's d and daily vlog