How to Fold T-Shirt for Vacation (Ranger Roll) - Efficient, Compact, Space-Saving Army Packing Hack

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all right I will give you a short 101 on

how to arrange a roll and army tan

t-shirt to begin with you laid flat on

on a table or something similar then you

take the bottom part and turn it inside

out and roll it up just a couple inches

to give us some slack to wrap around the

arrange roll at the end so make sure

that the corners are smooth out and

straight so that they're not all bulgy

because all those bundles but bulges and

wrinkles are actually what you know can

mess up your arranger role and also

check the backside like we do right here

to make sure there's nothing crazy going

on so as long as all this is straight

and good to go just like I said smooth

out all imperfections at this point you

just go ahead and take one side and you

fold it over the center if you want to

and probably to make the roll neater go