How to roll your eyes for a picture || selfie || Zuri fx

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel

or welcome to my channel how are you

I am Zuri effects and today I'm gonna do

a well requested video that everybody

wants to know how I do it and what I do

when I do it I think I'm gonna add some


I might do some dots I think so so today

I'm going to take photos and have my

eyes rolled in the back I take pictures

and stuff I like to roll my eyes in the

back and take a photo and it looks like

I have no eye balls I don't know

and most thing that I get in my inbox is

Surrey where do you get your contacts

and I'm like I don't own not one pair of

contacts so therefore I don't know where

to get them and I can look it up for you

but I really don't know so what I'm

about to do is probably just take a

photo and give you an example but it's