The best ways to roll up an extension cord

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hi guys today I'm going to show you one

of the best ways to roll this extension

cord alright thanks for joining us on

around the home Nathan Cox our guys

extension cords they can be quite the

huge mess just a tangled knot it just

craziness in your garage okay there

they're all over things try to use them

and they're all tangled up you can't use

them well let me show you my favorite

way you look up other videos on how to

wrap up extension cords I'll kind of

show you briefly one of the very popular

ways but I really don't like that way

but check this out

here's a way a good way to test it so

we'll grab the end that's on the outside

here okay and we'll throw the cord out

and we'll see if they'll tangled up a

mess over comes back straight okay let's

take a look