How to roll an enchilada

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this is how to roll an enchilada start

out with some lightly fried corn

tortillas by lightly fried I mean they

just get to be a little bit transparent

but they're not crisp take your shells

put them in to submit a lot of sauce

which is in here

it's from out of this can get them wet

on both sides put it into a pan that

you've pre prepared with a little bit of

enchilada sauce this is to keep them

from sticking to the bottom add some

grated cheese a little bit of fried

onion this is how this is my special

trick for making them taste good then

it's a little bit more enchilada sauce

on the inside and when you roll let me

tuck the contents underneath like this

and I recommend rolling them so the

seams on the bottom so like this this is

the first one when you filled the pan