14-18 Secret Chevy Silverado Roll Windows Down with Key Fob

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hey everybody Scouts our tech here

another video for the Chevy Silverado

want to show everyone how few people

have asked me to make a video in regards

to some other little secrets hidden

features things that people just don't

know about or you know they don't have

time to read that manual

I haven't launched other YouTube videos

but mainly this one is to bring down all

of your four car windows with your

remote and that would be your keyless

remote so going into the truck what you

need to do is you need to make sure your

truck is on and that means either start

it up with the engine running or in the

on mode I'll show you why it can't be an

accessory really fast what we do I'm in

the radio right now does not matter if

you're in any of these other menus but

obviously most people are usually in the