How to drop down blinds

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hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to raise your plants and lower your

blinds this is a problem that many

people face they don't know how to do it

but it's actually quite simple so to

raise our blinds we take a string you

pull it downwards when the blinds are at

a level that you want them to be simply

stop pulling down let go you raised your

clients that's simple but the problem

comes when people want to lower their

blinds to do this you take your string

now you move it to a 45 degree angle you

pull downwards keeping that same 45

degree angle and then you slowly let go

while holding that drawstring your

blinds will come down once they come

down to a level that you're happy with

you pull your drawstring back to its

original position when you let go there

you have it you raised and lowered your