How to Do Inception Effect! - DJI Ronin S Tutorial

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what's going on guys josh here from

momenta productions and today i'm going

to be showing you how to make 360 degree

roll angle movements with your DJI Ronin

as skimble 360 degree roll rotation

allows you to capture some of these

similar shots that you would see in the

movie Inception

it's obscure its abstract it disorients

the audience and overall this style of

shooting just looks badass you don't

want to make your audience too dizzy but

you do want to disorient them in some

certain scenes now before you continue

with this video make sure that you're

subscribed with notifications turned on

that way you know exactly when I release

new tutorials or any other content now

when you get the Ronin s you are not

going to be able to achieve this

straight out of the box there are some