Roll Dice on the TI-84

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you're going to want to find your

applications button once you hit that

it's going to depend on what's loaded on

your calculator just to if you're gonna

see the same thing that I'm seeing or

not for the one that I have you're gonna

want to keep going down so you get down

to the peas and you're looking for prob

sim once you hit that you're gonna see

this screen and then you want to hit

roll dice number two I want to change

the setting so I'm going to hit up three

and I want to arrow down and change it

to two dice and then I'm going to hit

okay I think I have to hit f5 and then

to roll I'm going to hit f2 and you'll

see the dice roll on the right hand side

it's going to generate the probability

we don't really care you're just going

to keep hitting f2 four plus one and the

next trial because you actually want to