How to set up a D&D discord server in ten minutes or less

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hello and welcome to spirit of the dice

today I'm going to be showing you how to

set up your own Dungeons & Dragons

discord server if this is necessarily a

step-by-step guide this just shows you

the essentials you need for your discord

server to function and to be fun to play

it the first thing you're going to do is

scroll down to the bottom of your

discord list if you're new to discord

this will probably be empty and click

the plus and then click on create new

server give it a name and maybe give it

a little goofy profile pic thingy and

then you're ready to start the first

thing you're gonna want to do is try to

few categories you go up there by

clicking to the top and clicking on

create category well the way I have it

set up on mine is I have game room 1 and

game room 2 these are two separate areas