D&D (5e): Melee Weapon Attacks

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hi welcome to half of the nd my name is

Fred wheeler and today I want to talk

about Dungeons and Dragons 5e and how to

make a melee attack if you have a look

at my players handbook on page 195 right

through to page 196 it gives you the

details for making the attack and

rolling damage immediate tech is when

you use hand-to-hand combat the Emilia

ticker allows you to attack a foe within

your reach

now most things have a reach of 5 feet

and for the situation of the user 5-foot

reach a melee attack is typically made

with a handheld weapon such as a sword a

warhammer or an axe a typical monster

makes many attacks using their natural

weapons to strike with such as claws

poems teeth tentacles or other body

parts this example is a battle between a

health joint and the party the fighter