Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Dodge Roll

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star wars battlefront 2 drops you right

into the middle of some huge and hectic

Star Wars battles from across the series

dodge rolling is very very vital to

getting in and out of these hectic


luckily executing this move is super

intuitive and very easy to understand

all you have to do to execute this move

is if you are in the playstation 4 press

circle if you are in the xbox press b

while of running or standing doing this

will have you quickly dodge out of the

way in whatever direction you're going

however keep in mind that the dodge roll

is mapped to the same button as

crouching so you'll need to be careful

with whichever one you're trying to do

with this in mind it will be insanely

easy for you to roll up on some noobs

kill them real quick and get right back