How To Go Back To Windows 8 If You Can't Rollback

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hey guys Harmonie r and in this video i

already shown you guys how to go back to

windows 8 on the illinois alpha um now

if you this is only for people who like

really can't roll back if you don't know

what windows roll back is you can pretty

much just restart your computer and

it'll basically be like yo do you want

to select the technical preview for

Windows 10 or do you want to UM roll

back and if you hit roll back it should

take you back to Windows 8 but if you

didn't which I mean you deleted the

windows olv folder which could take you

back um this is pretty much how you're

gonna be able to do it on the Alpha as

you can see right there um pretty much

why I deleted the windows alertly folder

if right now you're calling me an idiot

is because it literally took up half of

my hard drive ok so that's