How to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7

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hello guys this mode of Infotech calm

and in this video I just want to show

you how you will go back to your

previous version of Windows in this case

Windows 7

after you have upgraded to Windows 10

perhaps you didn't like the operating

system or something is not working so

Microsoft is adding a way a feature on

the Settings app so you can go back but

before you can do that you have to make

sure that going to your PC and then go

to these to see drive where Windows is

installed that you have the Windows dot

or folder if you don't have that you

won't be able to downgrade or you know

just roll back to a Windows 7 here's

where all the previous files were we

restored during the upgrade process if

you created a clean install the only way

to go back is to do a clean install of