How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update

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but you guys got another video here free

and now if you've just updated Windows

10 as to the latest version and you're

having issues like sound problems maybe

you've got some sort of issue like a

graphics issue or something like that

and it's not quite working the way you

want it to work and you want to roll

back to the previous version then this

video is for you then you've got 10 days

to do so so watch this video and I'll

show you how so right-click on the start

man and go system and this will tell you

what version you are running so you want

to come down to where it says Windows

specification here and you can see we've

got version 1803 and also when it was

installed so now we know what version

we've got we need to check whether we

can roll back so go to the start and the

Settings button and then inside here you