How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13! (Without Losing Data)

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what's up guys my name is Brandon and

the public beta of iOS 14 was just

recently released so that means that a

lot of new people are going to be

updating without really thinking twice

about the bugs or the potential

downsides of a beta software so in this

video I wanted to show you guys how to

safely downgrade from iOS 14 back down

to the latest version of iOS 13 and of

course I'm gonna be showing you the

method where you do not lose any data so

you will still have all your pictures

you have all your notes all your text

messages all your contacts everything

will be retained following this tutorial

now of course the reason you may want to

do this is because iOS 14 is still in

its early beta stages so there are gonna

be applications that don't work you

might have battery drain issues your