How To Make A Sandwich Wrap

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hi I'm down for cuisine on cue cuisine

on cues well London's leading catering

specialists we pride ourselves on

delivering fresh quality food for in and

around London now we're going to show

you some fresh and exciting challenges

I'm going to show you how to make a

sandwich wrap so first of all I'm going

to use a wrap which is a healthy

alternative to bread I'm gonna take some

butter evenly spread it across the wrap

for the filling for this rap I'm going

to use crayfish lemon and dill mix with

a little mayonnaise and some Rockets

Rockets peppery and quite spicy crayfish

quite sweet sort of combination with

very well take the crayfish is the

middle of the rap add some black pepper

some rocket

no salt because the mayonnaise already

seasoned little extra lemon juice run