How to Pack a Sleeping Bag

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Howdy folks, Ben from Snowys. I want to talk to you today about a common

question that comes up and that's whether to stuff or to roll your

sleeping bag to get it back into its compression sack. Now, got 2 bags with

me here today. Synthetic bag, that's for just general camping and

and a down bag for hiking. Now they're both about the same temperature

rating, just over one degrees comfort. What we recommend is to stuff the bag,

now there's a few reasons for that. I'll start with a synthetic bag, so when you

get your synthetic bag from new it comes folded in half like this

and it's really tightly rolled, like this. Now over time that does two things,

you've got a repetitive fold that runs down the middle of the bag here, so

you're consistently folding the synthetic fill inside the bag and then

when you roll it you're also creating tension through the bag because you're

always trying to get it tighter and tighter, so you're creating stresses on that, on

the synthetic filling here. Over time that can break the synthetic fill down

particularly up and down the middle of the back and front of the bag here.

Stuffing it gets around that because you can just grab the bag, stuff it inside

here with an irregular pattern and it creates kind of an irregularity within

the synthetic fill, there's no regular folds on there and it lofts up better

when you go to use it again next time, plus it's much easier to do. So the first

thing we wanna do is grab the foot end of the bag, scrunch it up in our

hands, get the compression sack and push that right down the bottom of the bag.