How to make The 3 Best filtertips for your Joint

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hey guys so today we're gonna show you

how to make the three best filter tips

for your joint we're going to start off

with three tips today and the first one

is a rolled filter tip so you're going

to take the first step and you want to

push it down really tight you want to

start rolling it as close to the edge as

you can and you'll have to do it a few

times because you want to make sure it's

nice and small and tight and just keep

rolling and then you want to do the same

thing to the other end of the filter tip

again pushing down real hard this is

going to make sure that the tip is for

the filter tip is really quite that it's

not gonna stay together

now that you have both ends curled you

should be able to just roll it up into a

perfect spiral tip just like that and

for the second tip it's similar to the