How to throw the number 7 with a pair of dice.

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hello my good friend how are you

we're back again this time we want to do

a review using the combination of six in

the middle and one in the middle to

throw the number seven okay we say the

middle a six there someone here we put

them together

and as you can see we have seven there

seven step it right there we turn them

over again we have seven there the kind

of over again we have them to number

seven again we also have six on one

years and one on the end which will

allow us to have seven all the way

around the dice so we have seven on each

year and seven in the middle okay we

take the dice put them in my hand and

sure we have them tight okay let's get

them pick them up alright begin a nice

row give them life let's say --q and a

row and what number comes up number