Dice Control: Grip Basics

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hey guys what's up this is a Koga ninja

and I'm back with another video this

time today I'm going to be talking about

the grip

okay the overhand or the three finger

grip okay this is the grip that I use

this is the grip that I learned with and

I'm not changing I mean there's all

kinds of different ways to hold dice

there's a whole bunch of gripping

methods the whole nine yards as a matter

of fact I was out at the casino the

other day and I saw this guy he was he

was stacking the dice like that he was

setting for the hard way he was he was

stacking the dice and then he would toss

the dice and it was cool because the

dice would go in the air and then they

would turn on onto themselves and then

they would hit and they'd bounce off the

back wall and let me tell you this guy